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Defying Gravity's
And yet I still dream that one day, in the not so far away future, that Christmas Eve will be spent with not only my parents and my brother, but my husband, his family, my in-laws, and our children.
So it's 4:50am and I've been up since 3. You know what woke me up? My arms! I am in a great deal of discomfort. It' snot so much pain, but the throbbing in my elbows woke me up and now I'm so up that I can't go back to sleep, so I keep tossing and turning and trying to find comfortable positions.

I can't believe that it's been 20 and 1/2 weeks at this job and I think I'm experiencing burn out. It's a constant throbbing pain in my forearms and my employers really don't care. I'm sure this is slightly over dramatic, but I am very sure that they don't care about me at all. They did pull in another therapist and while I"m grateful for that and grateful for the fact that I am getting tips and don't have to deal with my boss and the office manager, I want out of my job.

I think what I want more of right now is just finding a man to love me. I'm going to be 34 soon and I just feel lonely. I want a husband to build a life and family with. My hormones are raging at the moment, so I know a lot of this is hormonal, but at the same time I am a very frustrated person.

I absolutely believe in meant to be situations. It's how I got the job I have now and so I truly believe I am meant to be there. I just hope that I didn't miss out on something else, or that I"m stuck in a place where I'm going to be unhappy for the rest of my working life.

Mom and Dad are going to be leaving again soon, and while I know I can handle it, I don't want them to go. I know it's silly. I know I should grow up about it, but it's just a little too stressful for me at times. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life. I know that some people are and those people are okay with it. I am not okay with it.

Some people dream about money or fame, or prestige and world wide recognition. All those things would be great, but my major dream is to find a man who loves me for who I am, faults and all, and I will do the same for him, and we can just build our life together. My parents are going to be married 40 years on monday. I"d have to find someone by the end of this year and live to be about 76 to be that lucky. I'm jealous of my parents and how amazingly blessed they are to have the life that they have. I am blessed that I am there daughter and got to see something that special every day of my life. I know it doesn't happen all the time.

I think I'm going to try to go back to sleep now and before I do, I'm going to pray that God, or some angel, or some relative who is watching over me, guides me in the right direction, so that I can find my true love and build the life with the man I'm meant to be with, that he will love me, support me, encourage me, and lift me up when I need it, and let me do the same for him and we can do that for our children.

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Hey gang,

So here is the deal. I am starting a new adventure. I now make candles. Hand made to order. I know that there are major companies that mass produce candles that are beautiful and I support those companies, because there are some things I can't do yet.

Here is the difference between me and Party Lite or Yankee Candle. When you order candles from them, there are only certain choices you have. Ocean flavors are blue, cherry scents are red, forest ones are green and unscented candles are (for the most part) clear.

I can make you any scent in any colors. Lemon colored candles that smell like cherries, black ones that smell like oceans and red ones that smell like vanilla. If you want them unscented I will also dye them to be any color you wish.

My facebook account has some pictures up as well. Tea lights, votives, tarts, and pillars are what I currently make. I am working on tapers. If you know anyone who uses a lot of candles, likes candles, or brides to be who want candles to match their wedding colors, please send them my way.

Thank you all for reading!

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Okay, so electronics do not like me today or yesterday apparently.

I've broken my VCR, luckily I stole my brother's since he's not using it while he lives in Florida.

Youtube does not like me! AT ALL!!! I've updated everything I can and I get a black screen and that's it. so I went to yahoo answers to ask and other people said they were having the same problem that it's not working for them either. One person said it's been 4 days since it worked.

Anyone else having this issue? It was working fine for me on Friday.


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Hey everyone.

For anyone, like me, living under a rock apparently, Kristin Chenoweth is going to be on a fox animated series called Sit Down, Shut Up. I had absolutely no idea and only found out because she mentioned it on Jay Leno the other night. Here is the IMDB link for anyone interested and as always, check times and listings. Take care and on the very very very off chance that Miss Kristin can actually see this, I wish you very much success with the show. :)


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Congratulations to President Obama!!!

I feel very proud to be an American at this moment and I feel like I am part of something incredibly special.

I'm glad that we've shown we can over come petty issues such as color. It gives me hope!


For anyone interested I found out that Kristin Chenoweth will be on Ellen Tuesday October 21st, check time and listings.


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Okay so this is random, however.......

I've decided I want to learn sign. Basic sign, enough so that I can follow a conversation or have a conversation with someone who is deaf, if I ever come across that. I found these very cool videos called Sign Time! They teach you to sign, kind of like Sesame Street teaches you to talk. Does anyone know anything about this series by chance?

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To find your year, look here.....


I happen to be the year of the SheepCollapse )


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